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Featuring Authentic Rodenstock Spectacles Exclusively for the first time in the United States

Rodenstock Spectacle Frames

The perfect combination of absolute premium quality, timeless design and innovative technology for optimal wearing comfort.  All this is combined in a timeless design that always impresses spectacle wearers.

A symbiosis of technology and aesthetics: Rodenstock spectacle frames combine a timeless design with the highest technical standard for maximum wearing comfort.

An average of 118 hours of love and attention to detail are spent on one frame from Rodenstock. Every individual model is designed in Munich, developed for optimal adaptability by the optician and extensively tested: We check the resilience, purity and quality of all components down to the smallest screw.

Rodenstock Frames

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Rodenstock Lenses

We specialize in customized high-tech lenses with a precision that takes into account more than just your prescription values.

With the exact measurement of your overall vision system and the use of innovative technologies, we are able to manufacture lenses that are perfectly tailored to your eyes at each individual visual point. The result is the largest possible viewing ranges and sharp, high-contrast vision, even at twilight. In brief: a new, unprecedented visual feeling!

Rodenstock Lenses

The right pair of spectacles for every situation

No one is more familiar with optimal vision than us. With meticulous attention to the smallest detail. From 140 years of tradition. With absolute conviction.

There are considerable differences in the quality of spectacle lenses. With a pair of Rodenstock brand quality spectacles, you can rely on guaranteed safety, proven reliability, and above all; complete satisfaction. Choose from our tried and tested spectacle solutions:

The Rodenstock quality promise

Committed to tradition: Rodenstock has been an innovation leader in the area of ophthalmic optics for more than 140 years. Many years of research knowledge, superb craftsmanship, precise cutting and intelligent technology go into our products. You can expect nothing less than a true masterpiece of precision – in terms of material, function and design.

Rodenstock Tradition

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