Featuring Authentic Rodenstock Biometric Intelligent EXACT Glasses using the

DNEye Scanner exclusively, for the 1st time, in the U.S.A

“I trust Rodenstock Eyewear and I trust the hand picked eyeglass specialists who carry Rodenstock lenses.”      –      Paul Boyko, Jr.

Are you unhappy with your progressive glasses?

“The #1 Vision Innovation Of The Decade”: Biometric Intelligent Glasses Using Artificial Intelligence. It’s Like Seeing Before You Ever Needed Glasses.

German-Engineered Precision Lenses Every Time… EFFECTIVE On Even The Most Difficult Prescription Since 1877. Rodenstock Technology Increases Vision Up To 40% At Near And Intermediate Distances… And Even Better…It Increases Brain Support!

Have you ever bought a pair of glasses, tried them on, took them home, and threw them in the drawer never to wear them again? 

We Simply Need To Think Bigger

Are You One of the 98% Of Eyeglass Wearers Whose Progressive Lenses Don’t Fit Their Eyes?

If you have ever wanted to find a natural, healthy way to improve your vision without surgery, improve your brain support, improve symptoms from other eye related health issues, see and live better, and offer you an overall healthier life, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why…

There is now a completely customizable eyeglass lens that works when nothing else has worked and it works when you need it most…immediately. You don’t have to go home and get used to your glasses! News of this “Vision Innovation of the Decade” (is sweeping the “Baby Boomers”, all-day computer user and the media crowd) is spreading like wildfire all across the country!

In order to understand this technological breakthrough and the importance of utilizing individual biometric data when constructing the lenses, we first have to understand the dynamic demands of the complete vision system and the fact that you see with your brain, not with your eyes.

That’s right, we see with our brain, not with our eyes. In fact, vision is so important to humans that almost half of your brain’s capacity is dedicated to visual perception.
It’s actually your brain that senses what is happening in the environment around you. This ensures your brain receives the input it needs to accurately orientate and determine what’s going on around you, allowing you to decide what to focus on and then act accordingly. 

Rodenstock determines the biometrics of the whole eye. This includes its length and several thousand data points in the eye – far beyond industry standards. These data points are integrated directly into the lens, orchestrating a construction process which results in the world’s most precise lens. 


Currently, almost all progressive lenses are made using a static, reduced eye model featuring fixed parameters and suitable for very few people. When it comes to eye length the standard matches just 14%, for spherical corneal power 27%, astigmatic corneal power 16%,
and anterior chamber depth 25%. When all these values are combined, the model represents just 2% of eyes globally. It’s time we leave this old way of thinking behind.

Providing a B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL with Artificial Intelligence

By using Artificial Intelligence Rodenstock brings a new level of biometric precision into lens calculation that will help users achieve sharper vision, even when exact DNEye® Scanner measurements are unavailable.

Using statistical analysis, we are able to determine new, more precise lens calculations for all of the most important biometric parameters in the eye. With these new lens calculation norms, we unleash the potential of one of the biggest biometric data sets in the industry – comprising 500,000 individual biometric eye scans.

Rodenstock’s new lens calculation norms allow us to create an approximate biometric model of the eye, using just the standard prescription values delivered to Rodenstock by opticians as input.

With its new artificial intelligence technology, Rodenstock is finally able to make Biometric Intelligent Glasses available to all progressive lens wearers. We call these new lenses: B.I.G. NORM™.

Raising The Bar for Progressive Lenses

While the benefits of B.I.G. EXACT™ – Biometric Intelligent Glasses that are produced using exact measurements from the DNEye® Scanner – are still unparalleled, our AI technology enables us to increase the level of biometric accuracy within standard progressive lenses. They allow us to start a biometric revolution that will finally make B.I.G. VISION™ available to everyone.

We provide B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL


Before B.I.G. VISION™, when we first began our biometric research, we faced an issue – an old norm used in progressive lens manufacturing. An old norm where the only input most lens manufacturers use to tailor lenses to the user’s eyes is a standard calculation based on just the four prescription values from the standard vision test.

Wearers' experiences with B.I.G. NORM™

To investigate the vision benefits of Rodenstock’s AI-powered B.I.G. NORM™ lenses, we conducted a trial, asking people who need to wear progressive lenses to try our new AI-powered lenses. They then compared these lenses to their old lenses. The differences were clear:

• 97 percent experienced reduced peripheral aberrations. *

• 94 percent experienced a wider progression zone in the lens.*

• 91 percent experienced a reduced swimming effect.*

• 97 percent experienced reduced aberrations at far.*

* Results of an external wearer trial conducted with the University of Applied Science in Munich

Nora was one of the participants to experience the benefits of lenses created using an approximate biometric model of her eyes.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, it allows us to not only determine eye length, but also biometric parameters such as individual lower and higher order aberrations and individual pupil size at near and far. It also determines reactions to different light conditions and the individual corneal topography, as well as the individual anterior chamber’s depth. It delivers up to 40% better near and intermediate vision. They are easy for your brain to process…” like a hot knife through butter”. They produce extraordinary results when no other progressives have worked for you previously.

These eyeglasses use patented technology. It’s a combination of leading and patented technologies that means Rodenstock is the only lens manufacturer able to deliver the unique vision experience. These technologies are further strengthened by our portfolio of protective lens technologies. Better Spectacles offers Protect Balance from Rodenstock. It protects eyes against potentially harmful elements of blue light and ensures they only get the light they truly need. Our premium coating is standard in our premium progressive lenses. Solitaire coatings are durable and offer anti- reflection properties and scratch protection and rarely if ever fail during the warranty period of two years.

Together, they ensure people receive optimal lenses – not only individualized to suit each eye, but also to suit their lifestyle needs. The result is that people enjoy all the benefits of B.I.G. Vision!

Many people notice superior vision and an overall feeling of calm. They aren’t sure why they like them so much, but they just feel right.

Your eye appointment with a professionally specialized Rodenstock trained optician is conducted right out of your own home via a video call. You get the same expert and professional attention that you would get in the highest end optical boutique but in the comfort of your own home. No waiting, no masks, no risks, no hassle. We will send your German engineered Rodenstock frame to you picked out from our frame artist just for you and your prescription.

But the best part about Better Spectacles Rodenstock eyeglasses is that it…

They Work! From Near to Far! You Can See The Computer, Your Phone, The Menu, The Road at Dusk…All Without Distortion Or Having To Take Them Home To Get Used To Them. They Offer The Widest Field Of Vision Of Any Progressve On The Market. It’s Going To Be A Completely New Vision Experience!

Progressive LensYou receive maximum visual comfort from the moment you put them on. 

 “The eye moves up to 250,000 times per day.  That’s why progressive lenses must support vision at every angle – and not just at one focus point in the middle. But in order to do that, you need precise data on the individual eye – because every eye is different.”
Thomas Reiter

Most of us face visual problems at some point in our lives, with being on the computer all day, with age, after Lasik, as cataracts begin to impede vision, driving at night, going up and down stairs, and even chronic conditions causing Americans to suffer needlessly.  In addition, due to lack of hydration and artificial lights the quality of our vision has declined. The old technology progressive lenses are not working for many Americans.  Many are looking for help and have not been able to find it after going from optician to optician.   Our insurance coverage restrictions and our lack of choices with lenses previous to Rodenstock coming in the US this year and lack of customization to your particular eyes are inhibiting our vision which leads to a further decline in our overall state of living and health.   

Then there are man-made problems.  Coating failures, a prescription that doesn’t work for you, Sometimes patients are going back 5 and 6 times to get their glasses remade. 

Since the traditional method of dealing with these  problems are all “connected,” one crippling mistake starts…

A Cascading Downward Spiral In The Vision Medical Maze

Your friends and family may not know where to turn for an answer to their difficult prescription, not being able to get used to their progressive lenses, swimming sensation, coating failures, need for a larger field of vision, not being to see close up, and many will expect insurance to “fix it” as their only option.  The truth is, if we expected to do maintenance on our home or car with only funds that were provided by our car and homeowners insurance, our property would fail in short order.  There is personal responsibility required in every area of our life…including our health.  That’s why you are one of the few Americans that have eyes to see and ears to hear with respect to the ineffective outdated lenses and eyeglass technology. In fact, the optical world continues to have limited offerings that are outdated and ineffective solutions that cause us to spend out time and money searching everywhere to find someone who can help us see.  That’s why you need to…

Have A Trusted Integrative Optician in Place!

Paul Boyko, Jr.
Paul Boyko, Jr.
Our opticians are trained and helped by the entire team at Rodenstock as well as board certified for over 35 years, Paul Boyko, Jr., Co-Founder of VisionLogistics, LLC, the Rodenstock lenses distributor in the United States. Paul Boyko Jr. is sought out by clients from all over North America and the world for his master craftsmanship and optical engineering skills and his mastery of Rodenstock lenses, the gold standard in lens technology. The Rodenstock team has been German masters in their craft for over 144 years.
Andrew Astalos
Andrew Astalos

Andrew Astalos, Rodenstock expert at Better Spectacles has trained with and under Paul Boyko, Jr. and Rodenstock scientists, doctors, and experts for the last three years. Andrew is a graduate of business from Kansas Wesleyan University. He retired after being a 5-time member of the USA Long Track Speedskating Jr. World Team and is currently a professional pickleball player.

The Optician’s Tool Kit to Healthy Vision

The patented biometric eye model and the EyeLT Model enables us to precisely hit the sharp vision center of every individual eye. This provides people with the sharpest vision possible at any angle or with every gaze, both in the glasses’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near and far.

Everyday Primary Glasses:  You’re go-to pair of glasses for everyday use. Additionally these Everyday Glasses are wonderful if you’ve had cataract surgery. Same if you’ve had Lasik.  Is it hard or impossible for you to wear contact lenses?  Do you have an astigmatism? Do you have a difficult prescription?  Having difficulty going up and down stairs?  Problems with wearing progressives? Do you want the comfort of knowing you have the most highly technological glasses in the world tailor made just for you?  Then our Everyday Impression Luxury Specs are your answer.   

Using AI, over 100K people were tested and Rodenstock has an algorithm and now we all get the benefit of these findings in our lenses.

Remember with our Patented advantage of Eye Model, there are different lenses for distance than the near distance. Other lenses just add the add prescription, but the prescription is the same on top and bottom.  Generic vs Tailored. 

Rodenstock has mastered this.  Every power has an optimum base curve.  They have also mastered the atoric for less distortion in grinding process vs aspheric.  The normal way of grinding for everyone else.

“It’s like wearing nothing”.   It’s like my eyes say “awwwww”.  

Driving/Road Glasses:  Night Driving in particular.   Honestly, it wasn’t until too long ago that I knew Rodenstock had a special coating that helped with the glare of headlights from night driving.  Our Road Specs give you the confidence and the ability to drive anywhere you need to go with crystal clear vision…including at night.  

You’ll have better depth perception. I put my Road Specs on before I drive home in the evening and you don’t even know there is another vehicle on the road with you.  They are the Ferrari of driving glasses, measuring up to 100 different measuring points on one lens.  

Transitions, or as Rodenstock calls them, Colormatic lenses, and Polarized Sunglasses:  I drive into mt optical store everyday with the sun coming straight at me with a reflection off of the river.  I put on my Polarized prescription sunglasses from Rodenstock and the glare goes away immediately.  It’s the same custom AI technology but with tinted lenses.  

If you live in a sunshine state or just like the view out of polarized sunglasses or love the convenience of transitions (that are completely clear inside, by the way, then our Colormatic Spectacles and Polarized Spectacles are for you.  You’ll never find anything better. 

Coatings: Unique coating technology that include: 

The result: Intelligent, highly complex coating systems that in my over 30 years of using them have never seen them fail…not once.

In a study with 3.1 million wearing hours, the coating still was excellent quality.

It’s a system of better vision.

The strict standard is the foundation of the highest quality standards of the products.

Even More Benefits You’ll See and Feel:

In fact, you will try on your Personal Eye Model intelligent glasses and your brain will adapt to them nearly instantly. You won’t have to go home and get used to your glasses. They will feel natural and relaxed.

The smooth, uninterrupted signal from your brain to your eyes will allow you to have maximum vision potential in the most efficient manner possible. And it will be the norm in seeing.

Could you imagine doing that now with cheap polycarbonate lenses or older technology progressive lenses from a chain or big box store? 

Before these are even rolled out in America, they are already being sought by people all over the world. Yes, people fly from all over the world to see Paul specifically to get these German-engineered spectacles.

Rodenstock Eyewear for Vision Problem Relief

Rodenstock Eyewear offers serious solutions for serious relief! Designed to let you see effortlessly from the moment you put your glasses on. They deliver significant vision benefits for anyone with a difficult prescription or for those who have had any type of eye surgery.

This will open up a whole new world for those of you who have not been able to get used to your progressives. There is no more…”go home and get used to them”.  You will adapt to these lenses almost instantly. 

Compare to Old Progressive Technology

While there are obviously some cool frames to put them in — one of the most important things the lenses can do relates to health.

Specifically, new technology, with over 500 patents, this company’s lenses can help with brain processing by customizing the lenses to your individual eye. Every is different, just like our fingerprints. 

The technology is seamlessly woven into your lenses. No distortions. Razor sharp vision. Due to its customization, it offers the ideal lens for each individual eye…even those with the most challenging prescriptions and conditions and especially when other progressive lenses have failed. 

It helps you adapt to your progressives nearly instantly…even if you have never been able to wear them previously. It offers you the most exceptional vision comfort for an advanced quality of life.

This is critical in the advancement of eyecare. These lenses have answered typical problems in the industry for decades and are years into AI advancements where many brands currently still don’t have answers to these challenges, especially with the most challenging prescriptions.

And these elite eyeglass lenses have brought a new meaning to the popular “Free Form Technology” phrase that nearly every lens manufacturer promotes.  Being the leader and founder of Free Form Technology in 2000, this 140-year-old German company stands above the rest with maximizing its benefits.  You see, Free Form doesn’t automatically mean power optimization or individualization.  Only the combination of real time power optimization and free-from technology makes it possible to calculate and produce power optimized and custom individualized lenses.  Conventional lenses which are surfaced using this technology in the lab are therefore by no means individual. More importantly, nor is the position of the progressive zone any indication of whether the lenses belong to the power optimized progressive lenses. Rodenstock lens surfaces are optimized using a highly advanced AI mathematical process and proprietary formula and wave tracing methods. 

This makes it possible to optimize the lens at more than 7000 vision points instead of only determining the curvature of the spherical/toric prescription surface at one point as was done previously by the other manufacturers.  This allows for the largest possible vision zones and are guaranteed for all refraction data and situations.

Additionally, precision machinery is also required for the manufacture of 3D free-form lenses for an even more precise realization of the theoretical surfaces of the lens. Rodenstock has been using this machinery for over 20 years around the world!

The real secret sauce however is in the highly precise polishing. No other lens company offers the full package of high technology and precision that these do. 

And they change people’s lives.

They may have eliminated the need for any other brand of lenses.

With the Eye Lens Technology and the Biometric Intelligent glasses, it opens up for significant improvements of the vision of spectacle wearers.

While others are finding ways to cut corners, this lens company never rests on their laurels. These lenses just keep getting more technically advanced with quality assurances that far exceed industry standards and accuracy and consistency 99.5% of the time.

This is the only fully tailored lenses in the world. 

There are 100 billion ways to manufacture this lens so that it is optimized just for you.

This patented technology eliminates the base curve effect so that you can see with the widest range possible.

And these lenses offer pupil optimized correction. It is a base technology that all of these lenses have and it offers spectacle wearers pin-sharp vision at all distances and under all light conditions! What it means is that the smart lens takes into consideration that your eyes moves so the lenses accommodate that movement so that your lenses don’t result in blurred images or loss of contrast.

And these AI lenses are optimized for maximum binocular vision zones. Most progressive lenses as a rule have a front progressive surface while the prescription surface is worked onto the rear side after the order is received. All conventional progressive lenses make use of prefabricated and so standardized progressive surfaces when surfaced according to the base curve system. If your prescription differs from standard in sphere and/or cylinder from this mean power, this will result in in greater or lesser restrictions in your vision zone in dependence on the amount of deviation. This is called the base curve effect. 

These highly advanced AI lenses, being fully power-optimized, in contrast, the optimization of the progressive surface takes place while considering the exact power combination—that is also the cylinder and the axis. It is thus ensured that every one of you has ideally large and symmetrical vision fields, even in cases with anisometropia.  

This patented technology allows patients to see up to 40% better in near and intermediate vision.  

How is it done?  Near astigmatism can also have anatomical causes which, unlike the effective near astigmatism and Listing near, cannot be mapped in a physiological model. Such a near astigmatism is e.g. caused by:  

  1. Astigmatic accommodation due to an asymmetric increase in curvature of the crystalline lens, in particular with high lens astigmatism 
  2. Tilt of the crystalline lens on accommodation and resulting oblique astigmatism • Positional change of the crystalline lens during accommodation
  3. Asymmetric hardening of the crystalline lens with presbyopia

The Personal EyeModel allows this data to be included in the calculation of progressive lenses. The spectacle wearer thus benefits from much larger vision zones and pin-sharp vision at near and far. 

Multiplication of coating layers
Densification of layers thanks to ultra-modern plasma treatment 
Premium hard coating
Premium Anti-reflective coating 
Premium top coating 

The result: Intelligent, highly complex coating systems that in my over 30 years of using them have never seen them fail…not once.

In a study with 3.1 million wearing hours, the coating still was excellent quality 

It’s a system of better vision.

The strict standard is the foundation of the highest quality standards of the products.

In fact, when you compare this never before seen lens technology to the standard progressive lens technology, the difference is pretty remarkable.  Here’s why.  First, it’s old and generic and it doesn’t solve today’s complex vision issues many Americans are facing… and no matter how much you pay for them, or how many optical stores you visit to try and fix the problem, they are not going to improve your vision or your brain health.  In fact, they may even  have harmful side effects.  Current progressive lenses are better than nothing but for those of you that are looking for help from your eyeglasses, these lenses are not high quality and offer little relief for your vision needs.  

But the number one reason you don’t want to be caught in a time of crisis with only traditional methods of care is…

The Risk Of Subpar Eyeglass Lens Technology and Poorly Engineered Frames That Cause Distortion, Lack of Vision Field, a Swimming Effect or Worse, is Too Great!

Yes.  It’s true.  When you get can’t see well, you’re left with whatever lenses the optical store sells or whatever your insurance company approves.  It offers a little relief sure but then it’s quickly back to being frustrated with not being able to see out of your glasses. 

And the cost!  The typical pair of progressive lenses and frames and the lost time of going back and getting them remade and remade again can be thousands of dollars.  By the time you pay your hundreds in annual deduction plus your 20% co-pay with a max of only a few hundred dollars gained with insurance, you would be paying more than if you took charge of your vision health to begin with.

Look…I could go on and on about how miserable life can be on a day to day basis when you have no energy and what a nightmare it can be to not be able to see well from poorly fitting frames and cheap polycarbonate lenses that are made sloppily and with old technology.  But here’s the bottom line.  We offer an amazing fully customized pair of spectacles with the most advanced technology that can provide long lasting energy and with long lasting vision and brain health.  And the best part is that you can have your life back quickly and safely without ever missing a day of work or time with the things you love most.  

fastest and healthiest vision solutionIt’s the fastest and healthiest solution to low energy, lack of vision field, lack of peripheral vision, a swimming effect and every other limiting condition you’re experiencing with your current eyeglasses. 

When the frustration of your vision health gets too bad…you’ll be darn glad you didn’t hesitate.  

And, our specially trained Rodenstock opticians can get you back to precision sharp vision and energy filled youthful living very quickly and affordably so you’ll be ready to bring on whatever life has in store without worry.  

A True Breakthrough In Vision Correction!

Let me try to explain the features and benefits of our Rodenstock eyewear as simply as possible.  If I could have you in my optical store right now, you would immediately understand what all of the fuss is about.  But I can’t do that.  So, here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to get our Rodenstock spectacles right away: 

You’ll receive the most highly technically advanced, exceeding German engineering standards, lenses in the world allowing you to see up to 40% better which are the best solution for those of you with special vision demands, astigmatism, etc. 

Paul in lab“Finding a trusted integrative optician has been a miracle for me.  I went from optical store to optical store and had more questions but no answers.   Rodenstock lenses worked when nothing else did. It can work for you.”

I am excited to give Americans just like you the opportunity to be treated with the latest and most highly advanced lens technology in the world.  In a sense, it’s a true work of art in terms of simplicity and effectiveness compared to other lenses.  But make no mistake; it’s not a work of art that ANY other clinic can perform.  We are experienced, practical and an extremely functional clinic offering results safely and quickly in a relaxed environment.

Mike K. 40 Years Old: “I have an astigmatism and many other factors that make my prescription difficult for normal lenses to work. In fact, I’ve never been able to see well my entire life but I got used to my deficiency. I could never play baseball in high school due to my poor vision for example. I got my Rodenstock Impression lenses and I was overcome with emotion instantly. I never realized what the world really looked like until I put them on.  I nearly broke down right in the store.  Thank you for changing my life.”

Play Video

So how much is this Fountain of Youth eyewear? Well….one patient client told me she couldn’t even put a price on it. For her it was the peace of mind of seeing well and knowing how comfortable my brain felt when I was wearing them.  I have more energy and I’m able to enjoy playing with her kids and outdoor activities with her husband.

Loving Life Means Seeing Well and Living With An All Around Good Feeling!

The price for well-engineered and high fashion frames and progressive lenses with older technology ranges from $900-$5000.

But we’re not going to make you pay that much.  Instead we have structured a very special offer for you:

The Special Package Includes:

I’ve created some specials for a pair of these glasses that will either help you in your everyday living (Primary Spectacles) or reading your phone or a book, watching TV, and working on the computer.

Our Primary Single Vision and Progressive Spectacles are our everyday workhorse glasses. In addition to all the differences in these lenses compared to traditional standard progressive lenses, Rodenstock lenses are so high-tech that the prescription fills the entire lens. Every other standard progressive offered in the US only has the prescription at the center of the lens. Therefore you have to physically move your head to see up or down or left or right. With Rodenstock, the lens is so smart it knows when you move your eyes, and the prescription follows your eye movements. You only have to move your eyes, not your head so you can live the way you did before you needed glasses.

Take for instance working on the computer.  Did you know that 89% of spectacle wearers work on a computer daily?  Many work on it 8 or more hours a day but only 8.7% wear specialized tailored lenses when using the computer. Most don’t realize that there are special lenses for this use.

And yet…most everyone has near vision problems!

We see people working 4-5 or more hours a day at near distance

Or working every day on a computer

Or working at an office all day long

Students. Those on their phones a lot throughout the day.

If you’re one of these people, how do you feel after working at near vision 4 or more hours per day?  I bet your energy is exhausted or you might get a headache, or your brain isn’t as sharp.  We see a lot of dry eyes from working at near vision.

And why is this?  Why does this happen?

Well, eyes are not made for near accommodation.  Let’s do an experiment.  Take a 2lb weight and stretch out your arm behind you while holding the weight steady for 20 seconds.  Now 20 minutes!

Just like your arm, your eyes get tired after watching at near for hours a day. That is the reason you are getting symptoms. Even young patients benefit from these specialized lenses.

The outcome?  You’ll always be in a normal head position vs tipping back to see the screen from the right level with your progressives and you’ll have relaxed vision all day long.  You will be amazed at how relaxed you are in the afternoon.

In fact, of those who have bought these near comfort lenses (Computer Specs), 90% are very satisfied with them.  I can tell you that I wear them and it’s like a hot knife through butter.  They are amazing. I forget that I have them on.  

And our lenses provide the most high tech, modern, most innovative near vision lenses in the world. 

These lenses ensure maximum vision areas at your main working distance.  You’ll have ergonomically correct head and body posture for all uses thanks to ideally positioned vision zones. You’ll also have maximum peripheral vision as well. You will receive the ideal compromise between your depth of power and vision zone width.  

If you have reading glasses, you are constantly taking them off and on.  My partner has a friend in NY who found 35 pair in his car when it was cleaned out and over 200 in his home.  He is constantly taking them on and off because you can only see while reading with them.   With our Computer Specs lenses you’ll have all-around spectacles for near and intermediate distances…they are everyday spectacles.  You won’t have to be taking them off and on and your neck muscles will feel so much more lose.

If you use your primary glasses for your near and intermediate vision, on the plus side, there’s no need to change your glasses. On the downside however, you’ll have a narrow vision zones for near and intermediate areas and a lot of horizontal and vertical head movements which equals vision stress and possible neck problems.

You can customize them for either room distance or your computer distance.  Either one will give you up to 25% improved vision in near and intermediate vision.  You will have maximum binocular vision zones and you will also have individual power optimization and of course you will have Freeform technology.  The bottom line is you’ll have relaxed vision the whole day long.

I’ll walk you through how the process works and what you will be receiving.

On these lenses you’ll receive the best coating in the world, Solitaire Protect Plus. It’s patented and exclusive to Rodenstock and you’ve never seen anything like it before.  I have rarely had a failure in almost 40 years with Rodenstock. 

I don’t know how to explain how happy my clients are with Protect Plus.  

It’s amazing.  There is literally nothing like it in the world…no matter what you hear in the ads.   

There is an unbeatable advantage compared to their competitors: 60% better anti-reflex properties comparing to premium coatings. And you get this free of charge.

As Seen and Heard On: 

These high-tech spectacles are worth much more than that. But since we are just launching in the U.S., we’ve got to let everyone know about it. In fact, one of our clients who is from Europe was so skeptical of this low price that she thought that we must be a fake company.  We are the REAL DEAL and you will receive the Rodenstock authenticity card with your spectacles to prove it. 

We want to help folks who believe that life in this country under the work pressures are getting much more difficult. Vision ProblemsWe want to help both young and old alike who see the critical need for true vision and overall good health and performance are gravitating to these eye Rodenstock frames to be able to see effortlessly, naturally and cost effectively. 

There comes a time that seeing well, feeling healthy with energy to take on the day becomes your highest priority.

The Single Most Important Testimonial You'll Read This Year

I want to thank you for giving me hope when I haven’t been able to see well out of progressive lenses in years.  I would go from doctor to doctor and store after store trying to find glasses that would work for me.  Nothing ever did.  I heard about Rodenstock lenses from a friend of mine in Germany and I knew I wanted to try them. After having my new glasses on for just one minute, I knew they were going to be life changing.  It’s been 3 weeks now and I can see better than I have in decades.  I feel much better also.  I’m not sure why but I feel a calm about me now. You gave me my life back.   Thank you.  Kevin C.

PS. Being able to get these fabulous glasses without having to go into a store made my day. Thank you for offering TeleOptical! It was easy and quick, and I liked saving so much money!

But We’re Not Done Yet

If you purchase a pair of primary progressive, computer progressive, or single vision spectacles right away, we’re also going to treat you with…

Book Today at Never Before Pricing for a Limited Time and Save An Additional $350!

To Sum It, when you purchase a pair of Rodenstock spectacles you’ll get:

#1…Most Advanced AI high technology eyeglass lenses in the world in the Superior Category for primary lenses and the Excellence Category for computer lenses with a full one-year warranty against manufacturer defects of any kind and we guarantee you a smooth acclimatization period of four weeks.

#2…FREE best in class Solitaire Protect Plus coating with a full two- year warranty against failure. But don’t worry…it never fails!

#3… Free French made lenses cleaner that wipes out Covid and other germs on contact. Great cleaner to protect your investment. The best we have found in our 40 years of being in the industry.

#4… Expert Consultation from eyewear professionals who have been trained by Paul and Rodenstock. Remember, the difference just isn’t in the technology, it’s in the expertise you will be receiving during your appointment.

#5… And we’re going to get you these special spectacles tailor- made just for your eyes.

#6… Frames with the most stylish quality engineered European/Americana frames from Rodenstock, and other well engineered brands, absolutely free. These amazing frames have function and high fashion and are made specifically to hold these life changing lenses. Eyewear should make you feel perfectly dressed, without having to forego wearing comfort, stability and durability. Our frames combine technical and functional innovations with classical and traditional values, and they are perfectly tailored to their wearer.

#7…Center Thickness Optimization so that you will have the lightest and thinnest glasses…even for those with a more challenging prescription. My clients love this feature.

Total Spectacles Package Value: $1,495

Save $895 Off Optical Store Pricing!

That’s $1,495 in value in this package. Anyone who wants to see and live in optimum vision health…can…your price is just $599.99*

These high-tech spectacles are worth much more than that. But since we are just launching in the U.S., we’ve got to let everyone know about it. In fact, one of our clients who are from Europe was so skeptical of this low price that she thought that we must be a fake company. We are the REAL DEAL and you will receive the Rodenstock authenticity card with your spectacles to prove it.

P.S. Why not take advantage of Rodenstock’s Perfection category Impression lenses, for a few dollars more? These lenses are globally unparalleled individual near vision fully customized comfort lens with unique Eye Lens Technology.

They offer freely configurable design for the specific ergonomics of the workplace and your personal environment. It also includes a Personal EyeModel giving you up to 40% improved vision in near and intermediate distances. These lenses also include a pupil-optimized correction, the most exact inclusion of all individualization parameters, Individual power optimization…

P.S.S. You may have heard how the artificial light that we are constantly under and that which emits from our computers and phones is potentially harmful. Solitaire® Protect Balance is the best solution for protection from excessive artificial blue light.

Rodenstock proprietary and patented Protect Balance is at 410 nm and is:

You See better: Color-true & brilliant vision due to improved reflection & transmission properties.

You Look perfect: Beautiful & pure eyes due to a very discreet stable nude-colored reflex on the front
And you have the clearest vision.

Protect yourself by adding on Protect Balance to your lenses today for just $49.99.


This offer is limited and good through our introductory launch.

In fact, we only have a few of appointments left this week for this special, more 61% off offer for our friends who value the best for their vision. I highly doubt they will last more than a few days… because… this announcement is going out to seniors, all day computer users, progressive lenses wearers, younger, single vision clients and anyone who has had some form of eye surgery such as Lasik or cataracts.

Here’s The Deal for Our Vision and Health-Minded Friends

We have a few appointments for these amazing spectacles, and we’ve set them aside for our friends who want to be independent and start to take control of their vision health. But with everyone wanting computer and reading glasses as we are in our homes for Covid, appointments will go quickly so you should contact us at once to schedule your appointment.

I invite you to call your personal client advocate to ask questions and ask for more testimonials. We really love having the chance to chat with our clients.

Remember, no matter what city you live in, we are able to help you get the most technically advanced, German-engineered spectacles in the world.

The Absolute Fastest Way to Book an Appointment:

To Schedule by Phone or Text with Your Better Spectacles Client Advocate:

Call or text…


You really deserve to feel energized and balanced and see with crisp vision. Remember, your price is $599.99* for our Superior Category Primary Progressive Spectacles, our Excellence Category Computer Specs, or our Single Vision Spectacles.  I’m so convinced every spectacle wearer needs these spectacles, that I’ve arranged our lowest eyewear prices ever. And when you purchase more than one pair, we have amazing specials on 2nd and 3rd pair of spectacles too! Ask your spectacles client advocate when you schedule your appointment or talk with our optician during your appointment.

We can’t wait for you to see and feel great. Hurry, alright? Sincerely,

Andrew Astalos

P.S. One more thing. It’s very important. The word is spreading, and we are booking fast. The best strategy is to book an appointment to experience these spectacles yourself so you can enjoy every minute of life. Napoleon said I well…”Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go.”

P.S.S. Remember, we are NOT an online eyewear company. We are premium, best in class, highest technology, best trained vision experts in the world. You are going to receive the same treatment and expertise as if you were in my exclusive optical store. You will be receiving the white glove treatment at a fraction of the cost of coming into the store.

*Certain Rx’s may require higher technology lenses within the Excellence or Perfection category to best correct your vision at a small increase in price. Computer Specs as a second pair.

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