The Optician Legend who changed the fashion frame industry in the late 1990’s and transformed the independent eyewear store model in 2016—shares for the first-time the greatest vision advancement Americans have ever seen:


One of N. America’s most renowned vision expert and optician, Andrew Astalos, will reveal why 211 Million Americans could benefit this medical device by the end of the year.

HOST:  Eyeglass lenses…are there any differences between them or are they all the same?

Have you ever bought a pair of glasses, picked them up, tried them on and then went home and threw them in a drawer and never wore them again?  If so, you’re not alone. 

Have you ever been told to go home and get used to your glasses? If so, you’re not alone

Do you have a difficult prescription that makes it hard to see well out of your eyeglasses?  If so, you’re not alone.

Are you simply not able to get used to progressive lenses?  If so, you’re not alone.

Do you find it hard to see menus or your phone? Is it hard to drive at night? Is it difficult to go up and down stairs with your glasses?  If so, you’re not alone.

I’m in the Motor City—the very home of the industrial revolution with Ford Motor Company and General Motors, the company that transformed the automotive industry with the use of customization.

Our special guest, Andrew Astalos, is one of the most respected vision experts in America.

And he’s spent the last three years training under several of the most advanced experts in optical in the world.

But we’re thankful he was able to step away from his patients and research and join us today.

Today, Andrew is going to unveil the next tech advance in eyeglass lenses.

In these envelopes, is technology that has wide sweeping health benefits that are priceless.

And to our knowledge, this is the first time it’s been shared with the public on a widescale basis.

From a health perspective, this could be far bigger than when contacts or bifocals were invented.

Tens of times bigger, in fact.

By the end of this year, Americans benefiting from this medical device may go from 0 to 33 million Americans using this device.

What could this medical device do for you and your health?

We’ll find out.

You see, it has to do with a massive new technology that is German engineered and designed called biometric intelligent AI vision or B.I.G. Biometric Intelligent Glasses.

By now, you’re all familiar with regular progressive lenses. You’ve seen the commercials. You may be wearing them now.

Biometric intelligent glasses are a breakthrough in the way our brain processes vision.  It’s unlocking how vision affects our energy system and our overall health.

Except no one had ever looked at vision holistically — prior to now.

But it’s finally here in the year 2021!

This Is The Year Of Integrative Optical.

By early next year, more than half of all Americans will have access to this AI technology that offers intelligent glasses.

By the end of next year… Almost 100% of the country will be seeing vision in a whole new light.

Already there’s been a massive investment in biometric AI technology intelligent glasses.

Those lucky enough to have experienced this technology have already seen the effects.

Like Michael K. He is a 40-year-old man from Michigan who has astigmatism and many other factors that make his prescription difficult for normal lenses to work. In fact he hasn’t been able to see well his entire life but he got used to it. He got these progressive lenses for the first time this year.  He shared with us that he was overcome with emotion when he put his glasses on because he didn’t realize what the world really looked like prior to that.  He nearly broke down right in front of us.

Or Marjorie S. from New York. She had cataract surgery 6 months ago and now needed new glasses.  It was important for her to get lenses so that she could have the fullest range of peripheral vision possible and she said she has not seen better in decades.

And Kevin C. age 62 from Florida couldn’t read menus or his phone well until he got lenses made specifically for near and intermediate distance. Now he doesn’t need readers and doesn’t have to keep taking his glasses on and off all day

But this is just the beginning of the integrative optical story…

Like I mentioned, right now, very few of us have ever been able to experience these lenses.

As these biometric AI glasses roll out to all of America, the benefits will be astronomical.

Why is integrative optical such a b.i.g deal? After all, we’ve had bifocal and even other progressive eyeglass lenses before — incremental improvements in the quality and visual acuity.

Biometric intelligent glasses aren’t a small step like the others. It’s a giant leap forward.

It’s more like the first time we ever used eyeglasses.

As our special guest, Andrew Astalos, says:

“These progressives aren’t evolutionary. It’s revolutionary.”

In order to understand this technological breakthrough and the importance of utilizing individual biometric data when constructing the lenses, we first have to understand the dynamic demands of the complete vision system and the fact that you see with your brain, not with your eyes.

We See With Our Brain And Not With Our Eyes

That’s right, we see with our brain, not with our eyes. In fact, vision is so important to humans that almost half of your brain’s capacity is dedicated to visual perception.

It’s actually your brain that senses what is happening in the environment around you. This ensures your brain receives the input it needs to accurately orientate and determine what’s going on around you, allowing you to decide what to focus on and then act accordingly. 

Rodenstock determines the biometrics of the whole eye. This includes its length and several thousand data points in the eye – far beyond industry standards. These data points are integrated directly into the lens, orchestrating a construction process which results in the world’s most precise lens. 

This biometric eye model enables us to precisely hit the sharp vision center of every individual eye. This provides people with the sharpest vision possible at any angle or with every gaze, both in the glasses’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near and far.

In fact, you will try on your biometric AI intelligent glasses and your brain will adapt to them nearly instantly. You won’t have to go home and get used to your glasses. They will feel natural and relaxed.

The smooth, uninterrupted signal from your brain to your eyes will allow you to have maximum vision potential in the most efficient manner possible. And it will be the norm in seeing.

Could you imagine doing that now with cheap polycarbonate lenses or older technology progressive lenses from a chain or big box store? 

Most older adults tell us that they just don’t drive at night or they have to go very slowly on the stairs. One in three adults 65+ fall each year.  One in two adults age 75+ fall each year. 

Before these are even rolled out in America, they are already being sought by people all over the world. Yes, people fly from all over the world specifically to get these German-engineered AI glasses.

That’s because there are over 7.5 billion people in the world and each one has a different length and shape eye.

But that’s just the beginning…

As biometric intelligent glasses roll out to everyone – demand for these medical devices on that table over there will go through the roof.

And Americans eye health and eyesight will drastically improve.

We’re on the verge of a sea change in technology…

And you have a chance to be the first in America to have them.

Before the knock offs come on the market and claim to have the same benefits…

Our goal is to put the very best new ideas in health technology in front of you.

That’s why we’re very excited about tonight’s speaker.

Andrew Astalos is considered to be a bit of a wunderkind in optical circles.

A man with a magic wand when it comes to helping patients maximize their vision potential.

He has been a loyal advocate right out of college of this 140-year-old lenses company, one of the oldest in the world, and understands these biometric intelligent glasses better than nearly anyone in America.

Some of the patient stories are just incredible.

Megan W. has a very high minus prescription with astigmatism.  She wore contact lenses most of her life because glasses that she could see out of without causing a headache was nearly impossible until she got these lenses.  Now she rarely wears her contacts. She is forever thankful to Andrew for this expertise in helping her see better.

On and on I could go with Andrew’s success with these high-tech lenses. And in most cases, he identified each patient’s success as soon as he looked at their prescription. 

Andrew’s experience runs the gamut from high minus prescriptions, astigmatisms, patients who can’t adjust to progressives, computer glasses, driving glasses, near and intermediate glasses as well as sunglasses and transitions.

The Rodenstock doctors and scientists began studying the science behind how our brain processes vision and if the proper lenses can make a difference.  It was a huge industry breakthrough that is poised to help millions. 

Andrew Astalos
Andrew Astalos

The solution they are recommending is nothing short of a miracle for those of us who sit at a computer all day.

They were right. And anyone who bought these lenses were helped greatly. 

Andrew is now bullish on helping every American who is having problems seeing with their current glasses.

We appreciate Andrew’s taking time out of his busy schedule for today’s announcement.

In a few moments, he’ll reveal what’s in that box – the number one tech optical innovation of 2021.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Astalos…

Andrew: Thank you. Hello everyone.

If you don’t mind, I’d like everyone to hold your eyeglasses.

They should be on your head or near where you read or thrown in a drawer if you bought them and couldn’t see out of them.  

How much did they cost? 

I’d venture to say $300, $600 – even $1,000 in some cases…

It’s likely the most advanced piece of technology you own next to your smart phone and computer.

I’ve got some bad news about your eyeglasses.

They’re worthless.

That’s right, the medical device in your hand. The one you wouldn’t be able to see without. That cost you nearly $1,000….

Is now worthless.

No longer will Americans clamor for these outdated eyeglasses lenses

Instead, everyone will want these.

And it’s all because of the biometric intelligent technology.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

It’s hard to imagine a world in which we don’t rely on our non-custom eyeglass lenses.

But it’s easy to remember 20 years ago… When those of us lucky enough to afford a pair of high fashion eyeglasses with frames that came in all shapes and sizes…some like Elton John had.  

The progressive lenses started making a play in 1988. They were awful. 

It was very hard for people’s brain to adapt…sight was blurry. 

People couldn’t go up or down stairs.

You had to physically move your head up and down, side to side to see.

And the thought of our eyeglasses being more than just for visual acuity didn’t even cross our minds. 

Technology is always moving forward rapidly.

But there is evolution… and then there are revolutions.

The bifocal was a revolution that allowed people to read as they got older. 

Lighter plastic over glass and progressive lenses were a revolution…

And now customized biometric intelligent lenses is the next revolution.

But we couldn’t get these new advances in the US. 

You see, while most new tech is developed in a competitive, free market environment…

New medical devices need FDA approval and we need a lab to be able to make them to the same quality standard as this company requires.  They tried 50 years ago.  They tried again 20+ years ago.  They tried again 10 years ago.  Each time they weren’t successful. 

It takes a lot of years and a lot of red tape to gain access to this technology in the US.

You see, Free Form Technology, ultra-thin lenses, highly adaptable progressives, more customized lenses were available to the rest of the world for decades…just not to Americans.

But now that they do have FDA approval and now that we can use their owned lab that can be consistent and perfect or near perfect every time, this technology is now extremely important for Americans to learn about.

Now, there’s good news:

The final red tape has been cut for customized biometric intelligent glasses.

Last November, the U.S. government approved this technology in the US. 

Armed with this approval and with a consistent lab, we raced to the finish line.

And as we speak, these biometric intelligent glasses are available across America.

The first glasses rolled off the lab sight just a few weeks ago.

Rodenstock packagedBy year’s end, most of the largest and smallest cities in America should have this technology available and in your reach.

That means nearly all 247 million Americans who use corrective lenses to see will be able to experience the highest advanced lenses in the world. 

Guess what’s probably going to be the number one gift this year for our loved ones or ourselves? 

Most countries, especially in Europe, have had advanced lenses technology for years. 

Some countries, like Finland, Germany and Israel saw twice as many users to these AI lenses due to the difference it made in their vision processing and visual acuity.

And only a few these people, in America today have optical stores that can offer this AI lenses technology. 

They will all need the simple, elegant solution on the table over there — which I’m going to reveal in just a moment.

As we speak, biometric intelligent glasses professionals are being trained across America in anticipation of this cutting edge technology…

Trust me, when you see what these AI lenses can do, you’ll see why everyone will drop their current eyeglasses for these far better eyeglasses…even when insurance won’t pay for them.

Look, I’ve spent over four decades working on the cutting edge of modern optical technology…

I’ve invested in and used every new optical lenses on the market.

And I’ve been successful in giving my patients the very best vision processing in the world.

I know the difference between a dud and a hit.

Biometric Intelligent Lenses Are The Real Deal!

You see, in my career I’ve discovered that success in a lens with new technology follow a very predictable pattern.

There are three stages. 

First, the people who have had many years of not being able to see well with their glasses are the first to try them as well as those with difficult prescriptions such as those who have astigmatisms or those with binocular disfunction. 

That’s Phase One.

Phase Two gains speed as older Americans who need progressives to see and read in the intermediate and near distances want to benefit. That’s when new lenses that improve the lives of more and more patients start to take off.

Let me show you what I mean:

I’m going to use the recent progressive lenses as an example.

Keep in mind, however, that progressive technology is a drop in the bucket compared to AI progressive lenses.  

Traditional Progressive lenses were an evolutionary adjustment. AI biometric intelligent lenses are a revolutionary change.

Progressives did bring some positives. The lack of the bifocal line helped with aesthetics and a more gradual transition from distance to near vision. But they were awful at first.  I stopped using them for my patients until I had no other choice.

But once progressives rolled out, the research shifted to Phase Two. And companies such as the one I’m referring to took big advantage by continuing their push for research and AI advancements. 

Everyone wanted progressives…

Even when insurance won’t pay and most have to pay out of pocket for their lenses or at least a portion of them. 

But as Phase Three begins, the device on that table is leading the way.  And they are all alone.

They have a monopoly on these lenses…

It’s my number one optical advancement for 2021. Nothing even comes close.

You will want to get a pair of these glasses before the end of the year.

That would take a market worth virtually nothing a year ago – and help literally millions of Americans brain’s process vision better immediately.  

The company I’ll tell you more about in a moment is the best way to experience integrative optical or holistic optical.  It’s like nothing you have ever experienced in your life.

And like I said, I expect these AI biometric intelligent glasses to be bigger than progressives to date.

Already we’ve seen this company as the big winner around the world.  Very few dispute it…even their competitors and especially those who wear them.  

So, what is the name of these lenses?

And what are they capable of?

While there are obviously some cool frames to put them in — one of the most important things the lenses can do relates to health.

Specifically, new technology, with over 500 patents, this company’s lenses can help with brain processing by customizing the lenses to your individual eye. Every is different, just like our fingerprints. 

The technology is seamlessly woven into your lenses. No distortions. Razor sharp vision. Due to its customization, it offers the ideal lens for each individual eye…even those with the most challenging prescriptions and conditions and especially when other progressive lenses have failed. 

It helps you adapt to your progressives nearly instantly…even if you have never been able to wear them previously. It offers you the most exceptional vision comfort for an advanced quality of life.

This is critical in the advancement of eyecare. These lenses have answered typical problems in the industry for decades and are years into AI advancements where many brands currently still don’t have answers to these challenges, especially with the most challenging prescriptions.

And these elite eyeglass lenses have brought a new meaning to the popular “Free Form Technology” phrase that nearly every lens manufacturer promotes.  Being the leader and founder of Free Form Technology in 2000, this 140-year-old German company stands above the rest with maximizing its benefits.  You see, Free Form doesn’t automatically mean power optimization or individualization.  Only the combination of real time power optimization and free-from technology makes it possible to calculate and produce power optimized and custom individualized lenses.  Conventional lenses which are surfaced using this technology in the lab are therefore by no means individual. More importantly, nor is the position of the progressive zone any indication of whether the lenses belong to the power optimized progressive lenses. These lens surfaces are optimized using a highly advanced AI mathematical process and proprietary formula and wave tracing methods. 

This makes it possible to optimize the lens at more than 7000 vision points instead of only determining the curvature of the spherical/toric prescription surface at one point as was done previously by the other manufacturers.  This allows for the largest possible vision zones and are guaranteed for all refraction data and situations.

Additionally, precision machinery is also required for the manufacture of 3D free-form lenses for an even more precise realization of the theoretical surfaces of the lens. This lens company has been using this machinery for over 20 years!

The real secret sauce however is in the highly precise polishing. No other lens company offers the full package of high technology and precision that these do. 

And they change people’s lives.

They may have eliminated the need for any other brand of lenses.

With the Eye Lens Technology and the Biometric Intelligent glasses, it opens up for significant improvements of the vision of spectacle wearers.

While others are finding ways to cut corners, this lens company never rests on their laurels. These lenses just keep getting more technically advanced with quality assurances that far exceed industry standards and accuracy and consistency 99.5% of the time.

This is the only fully tailored lenses in the world. 

There are 100 billion ways to manufacture this lens so that it is optimized just for you.

This patented technology eliminates the base curve effect so that you can see with the widest range possible.

And these lenses offer pupil optimized correction. It is a base technology that all of these lenses have and it offers spectacle wearers pin-sharp vision at all distances and under all light conditions! What it means is that the smart lens takes into consideration that your eyes moves so the lenses accommodate that movement so that your lenses don’t result in blurred images or loss of contrast.

And these AI lenses are optimized for maximum binocular vision zones. Most progressive lenses as a rule have a front progressive surface while the prescription surface is worked onto the rear side after the order is received. All conventional progressive lenses make use of prefabricated and so standardized progressive surfaces when surfaced according to the base curve system. If your prescription differs from standard in sphere and/or cylinder from this mean power, this will result in in greater or lesser restrictions in your vision zone in dependence on the amount of deviation. This is called the base curve effect. 

These highly advanced AI lenses, being fully power-optimized, in contrast, the optimization of the progressive surface takes place while considering the exact power combination—that is also the cylinder and the axis. It is thus ensured that every one of you has ideally large and symmetrical vision fields, even in cases with anisometropia.  

This patented technology allows patients to see up to 40% better in near and intermediate vision.  

How is it done?  Near astigmatism can also have anatomical causes which, unlike the effective near astigmatism and Listing near, cannot be mapped in a physiological model. Such a near astigmatism is e.g. caused by:  

  1. Astigmatic accommodation due to an asymmetric increase in curvature of the crystalline lens, in particular with high lens astigmatism
  2. Tilt of the crystalline lens on accommodation and resulting oblique astigmatism • Positional change of the crystalline lens during accommodation
  3. Asymmetric hardening of the crystalline lens with presbyopia 

The Personal EyeModel allows this data to be included in the calculation of progressive lenses. The spectacle wearer thus benefits from much larger vision zones and pin-sharp vision at near. 

PD—Optimized inset for maximum binocular near vision zones.

Most exact inclusion of all individual parameters.

Pupil Optimized correction

Exploitation of 100% of personal vision potential

Unique coating technology that include:  

The result: Intelligent, highly complex coating systems that in my over 30 years of using them have never seen them fail…not once.

In a study with 3.1 million wearing hours, the coating still was excellent quality

It’s a system of better vision.

The strict standard is the foundation of the highest quality standards of the products.

But what about applicable uses in your daily life?

This will open up a whole new world for those of you who have not been able to get used to your progressives. There is no more…”go home and get used to them”.  You will adapt to these lenses almost instantly. 

Before now you may have thought there was no difference in progressive lenses. But now you understand why you may have bought a pair of glasses, tried them on and then threw them in a drawer never to be worn again. 

Now you know why it may have taken your brain a week or more to get used to your new glasses or that you never got used to conventional progressive lenses.

Some patients complain of headaches.  These lenses don’t cure your headaches.  These lenses are simply so easy on your brain that you don’t get headaches.  These lenses are like a hot knife through butter when you put them on. 

All of this company’s products are backed up by comprehensive physiological compatibility studies. 

And these products, the research and technology are all made in-house.  The only lenses company in the world that handles the entire process in-house.

Continuous production monitoring through strict test criteria and full quality assurance measures before each pair of lenses is shipped from the lab.  And from insider knowledge I know how important this is…especially in today’s world where everyone is trying to save a buck by cutting corners.  This company never cuts corners.  

These sophisticated, high tech lenses far exceed all current industry quality standards…by a lot!

The lenses also come in comprehensive ranges in diameters, base curves and power ranges.  The good news is that technology has finally caught up with your prescription.

And the AI Intelligent Glasses are available right now.  This is the launch of these cutting-edge glasses in the US. 

By the beginning of next year, for those with particularly difficult prescriptions, the Biometric Intelligence glasses will be available.

It’s only been perfected in the last few months.

But, rest assured, the AI Intelligent glasses are better than you have ever had in your lifetime.  The difference will be amazingly clear as soon as you put them on.

Now, I know I’ve left you waiting.

It’s time to reveal the top optical device of 2020 that will transform the optical lenses you wear every day.

It’s the German Engineered Rodenstock Lenses

Play Video

What do you think this could do for your quality of life? 

Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball but if you are like the tens of thousands of patients that whose lives have been changed by this amazing technology, you can expect a significant improvement in your vision processing and your visual acuity.

Estimates say nearly 100 million Americans will replace their eyeglasses this year or next.

This new patented Rodenstock AI technology has the opportunity to change the way Americans see forever.
Ronald Reagan Rodenstock Glasses
I expect this brand-new eyeglass lens technology will be used by tens of millions of Americans in the next two year.

One of Rodenstock’s most prominent customers was US President, Ronald Reagan. 

Rodenstock is the gold standard in nearly every country including Germany and throughout Europe, Canada, Israel and now the US.

Ronald Reagan, one of Rodenstock’s most prominent customers
Ronald Reagan, one of Rodenstock’s most prominent customers.

And Rodenstock’s research team throughout the world continue to make insights into our vision and the function visual correction affects our brains.  

It’s no wonder they continue to pull far ahead of any other lens manufacturer on the market.

In fact, I believe it will be the requested lens in the US by 2021.

How big of a difference will this company’s lenses make?

Take a look at the graphics below.

The challenge is that a narrow mind-set has controlled the world of progressive lenses for far too long. A mind-set committed to limited eye measurements. This mind-set has left 98% of the world’s progressive lens users with glasses that don’t fit their eyes precisely.

Rodenstock, being the world’s leader in vision research, thinks bigger. They use thousands of data points to measure and determine the parameters of the eye. This allows us to not only determine eye length, but also biometric parameters such as individual lower and higher order aberrations and individual pupil size at near and far. It also determines reactions to different light conditions and the individual corneal topography, as well as the individual anterior chamber’s depth.

Rodenstock is able to calculate a lens that matches each individual person to the micrometre. Rodenstock is the only lens manufacturer able to directly transfer all of these measurements into the production of the lens. This means we create unique biometric eye models for both eyes. 

This biometric eye model includes eye length, corneal power and thickness, anterior chamber depth, pupil size in photopic and mesopic light conditions, crystalline lens power and vitreous chamber depth. More refraction error data than anyone else in the world.

Biometric Intelligent Glasses™ give people the ability to experience every dynamic aspect of life. As you go through each day, you navigate through many different situations and your complete vision system is continuously at work, shifting focus distance, direction and angles.

You see UP TO sharper vision at near and intermediate 40% distances, increased brain support through sharper vision and 

And regular progressives and polycarbonate… well, you can see how outdated these technologies are.

And an 8.5 degree wider field of sharp vision at near.

A Swiss customer survey, of which 90% had previously worn glasses, proved an outstanding success for B.I.G. Vision, 88% noticed greater visual comfort compared to their old glasses, 92% experienced sharper vision than before, 84% experienced better contrast vision, 87% experienced reduced adaptation time, and 80% experienced better vision at dusk!

These are everyday real people who saw amazing improvements in their quality of life due to their Rodenstock glasses. 

Our unique philosophy is that we recognize that every person and eye is unique. This made us what we are today. We and Rodenstock are the vision experts. It’s what motivates us to provide people all around the globe with the best progressive glasses. We don’t settle for standard – we always go one step further. We go for B.I.G. Vision. 

The Rodenstock brand I am recommending today are leaders and their patented technologies means Rodenstock is the only lens manufacturer able to deliver the unique B.I.G. Vision™ experience. 

That’s why I’m so excited about these glasses. And why I think it will be the best performing glasses in the US within months.

Now, I want to do something very special for everyone attending this event — and everyone watching on video around the world.

I’m going to give you a way to have these glasses now! Before anyone else in America gets them. Glasses that Americans have been waiting for for years.

I’ve been approached by massive optical related companies and important people around the world looking to tap into my and Rodenstock optical tech expertise. People who have spent years trying to fix the problems they are having seeing properly.

Those companies and people would pay thousands of dollars for these spectacles, yet they have never been available in the US previously. 

But I’ve worked out a deal with Rodenstock for anyone watching this presentation.

I’m going to offer every American the opportunity to have these superior eyeglasses at a fraction of the cost I charge, today, in my optical store…and you can get them without ever having to leave your home and working with opticians around the country who I have personally trained. 

That’s right. These revolutionary…the most highly technically advanced AI eyeglass lenses in the world. Eyeglasses that with the Personal EyeModel customized just for your eye and the only fully tailored lenses on the market for more than half price and first before anyone else has them and before they become backordered.

These lenses can only be purchased through Better Spectacles and a few highly selected optical boutiques around the country. 

I expect long wait times for appointments for these spectacles but because you have taken the time to learn about how your eyes, brain and eyeglass lenses work, you will be put in the front of the line to get these. 

Here’s how it will work:

I’ve created a special for a pair of these glasses that will help you in your everyday living from reading your phone or a book, watching TV and working on the computer.  

They are called our exclusive Go Spectacles.  I really love the Go Spectacles because they help you while you are on the go in everything you do throughout the day.  

Take for instance working on the computer.  Did you know that 89% of spectacle wearers work on a computer daily?  Many work on it 8 or more hours a day but only 8.7% wear specialized tailored lenses when using the computer. Most don’t realize that there are special lenses for this use.

And yet…most everyone has near vision problems! 

We see people working 4-5 or more hours a day at near distance 

Or working every day on a computer

Or working at an office all day long

Students. Those on their phones a lot throughout the day. 

If you’re one of these people, how do you feel after working at near vision 4 or more hours per day?  I bet your energy is exhausted or you might get a headache, or your brain isn’t as sharp.  We see a lot of dry eyes from working at near vision. 

And why is this?  Why does this happen?

Well, eyes are not made for near accommodation.  Let’s do an experiment.  Take a 2lb weight and stretch out your arm behind you while holding the weight steady for 20 seconds.  Now 20 minutes! 

Just like your arm, your eyes get tired after watching at near for hours a day. That is the reason you are getting symptoms. Even young patients benefit from these specialized lenses. 

With these exclusive patented lenses in combination with Rodenstock’s exclusive Balance coating, it is the best solution for protection from excessive artificial blue light, your eyes and body will feel the difference immediately!

The outcome?  You’ll always be in a normal head position vs tipping back to see the screen from the right level with your progressives and you’ll have relaxed vision all day long.  You will be amazed at how relaxed you are in the afternoon. 

In fact, of those who have bought these near comfort Go Spec lenses, 90% are very satisfied with them.  I can tell you that I wear them and it’s like a hot knife through butter.  They are amazing. I forget that I have them on.  

And our Go Spectacles provide the most high tech, modern, most innovative near vision lenses in the world. 

Go Spectacles ensure maximum vision areas at your main working distance.  You’ll have ergonomically correct head and body posture for all uses thanks to ideally positioned vision zones. You’ll also have maximum peripheral vision as well. You will receive the ideal compromise between your depth of power and vision zone width.  

If you have reading glasses, you are constantly taking them off and on.  I heard a story that a man in NY found 35 pair in his car when it was cleaned out and over 200 in his home.  He is constantly taking them on and off because you can only see while reading with them.   With our Go Specs you’ll have all-around spectacles for near and intermediate distances…they are everyday spectacles.  You won’t have to be taking them off and on and your neck muscles will feel so much more lose.  

If you use your primary glasses for your near and intermediate vision, on the plus side, there’s no need to change your glasses. On the downside however, you’ll have a narrow vision zones for near and intermediate areas   and a lot of horizontal and vertical head movements which equals vision stress and possible neck problems.

With our Go Spectacles, you will have Rodenstock’s specialized near and intermediate distance Excellence Category, Multigressiv lenses framed with the most stylish German Engineered European/Americano frames from Rodenstock absolutely free. These amazing frames have function and high fashion and are made specifically to hold these life changing lenses. 

Eyewear should make the eyeglass wearer feel perfectly dressed, without having to forego wearing comfort, stability and durability. Frames from Rodenstock combine technical and functional innovations with classical and traditional values, and they are perfectly tailored to their wearer.

You can customize them for either room distance or your computer distance.  Either one will give you up to 25% improved vision in near and intermediate vision.  You will have maximum binocular vision zones and you will also have individual power optimization and of course you will have Freeform technology.  The bottom line is you’ll have relaxed vision the whole day long.

For just a few dollars more, why not upgrade to the Perfection category Impression Go Spec lenses, also framed absolutely free with our German engineered high-fashion Rodenstock frames.  These lenses are globally unparalleled individual near vision fully customized comfort lens with unique Eye Lens Technology.  

They offer freely configurable design for the specific ergonomics of the workplace and your personal environment. It also includes a Personal EyeModel giving you up to 40% improved vision in near and intermediate distances. 

These lenses also include a pupil-optimized correction, the most exact inclusion of all individualization parameters, Individual power optimization, 

You’ll have Freeform technology and degression dependent on the design. 

What does that mean? This ensures maximum vision areas at the main working distances. Ergonomically correct head and body posture for all uses thanks to ideally positioned vision zones. Peripheral aberrations are thus as small as possible and Ideal compromise between depth of power and vision zone width for the respective application.

With the Impression Go lenses, it isn’t necessary to adapt the workplace to the lens, you have a relaxed head and body posture in all situations. You will have pin-sharp and high-contrast near vision at work and at play thanks to individual analysis of the entire vision system and you’ll have the security of having the best brand lenses and frames for the highest demands.

I’ll walk you through how the process works and what you will be receiving with your Go Specs or Impression Go eyewear.

These lenses have a patented Center Thickness Optimization so that you will have the lightest and thinnest glasses…even for those with a more challenging prescription. My patients love this feature.

On these lenses you’ll receive the best coating in the world, Solitaire Protect Plus. It’s patented and exclusive to Rodenstock and you’ve never seen anything like it before.  I have rarely had a failure in almost 40 years with Rodenstock. 

I don’t know how to explain how happy my patients are with Protect Plus.  It’s, anti-glare, scratch resistant, it has UV protection, it’s scratch resistant, climate resistant, water and dirt repellent, anti-fogging and anti-static!  It’s amazing.  There is literally nothing like it in the world…no matter what you hear in the ads.   

You See better: Color-true & brilliant vision due to improved reflection & transmission properties 

You Look perfect: Beautiful & pure eyes due to a very discreet stable nude-colored reflex on the front 

And you have the clearest vision.

There is an unbeatable advantage compared to their competitors: 60% better anti-reflex properties comparing to premium coatings. And you get this free of charge with our Go Spectacles and our Impression Go Spectacles. 

And we’re going to get you these special Go Specs or Impression Go spectacles tailor made just for your eyes and you don’t even have to leave your house.  

What’s the catch?

No catch.  We know you like the best and highest technologically advanced spectacles in the world and we want to make sure you get the best consultation no matter what corner of the country you are in therefore in light of the new way of the world with virtual video calls and telemedicine, you will be able to receive these glasses right from the comfort  of your own home.  

I’ve been helping patients around the world with long distance care for over 30 years and we have it perfected. 

So if you think you have a difficult prescription.  Don’t worry.  Technology has caught up with your prescription.  I can help you.

Like we mentioned earlier, I have spent decades in this industry and I know what I have is unlike anything Americans have ever seen out of. I am not exaggerating.  I don’t say this lightly.  This is the truth.  These spectacles change lives and no one has worked with them longer than me in North America.  Rodenstock is so thrilled to finally be able to offer this elite technically advanced eyewear to you.  

We know you will be blown away. 

How have I been able to do it?  Now remember, we are NOT an online eyewear company.  We are a premium, best in class, highest technology, best trained vision experts in the world.  You are going to receive the same treatment and expertise as if you were in my exclusive optical store.  You will be receiving the white glove treatment.   

…Because I’m not satisfied with what Americans can receive in the way of eyewear. And I intend to fix this so that you can enjoy living freely and seeing clearly. There is a crisis in America.  So many can’t see well and have searched for years trying to get glasses that work for them.  So many are told to go home and get used to their glasses. That doesn’t happen with me and these spectacles.   

So many are given Polycarbonate lenses which are junk, because that is what insurance says you need.  Did you know that the US is the only country that even widely uses polycarbonate material in lenses? Well, Insurance companies don’t know what you need.  This is what most eyecare professionals and patients miss today. A vision expert knows what you need.   Not the insurance company.

Have you ever bought a pair of glasses, picked them up, put them on and then went home and threw them in the drawer and never wore them again?  If the answer is yes.  If you are searching for the best.  If you are searching for the healthiest option for your brain and overall health, get a pair of our Better Spectacles today.  You will see a clear difference the minute you put them on. And you will NEVER be satisfied with another brand of spectacles for the rest of your life.  I promise you that.   

I want to see every American who needs corrective eyewear in these amazing technologically advanced spectacles now. 

The truth is, you don’t have to wait to wear this cutting-edge technology eyewear.

The key is to get them now while the pricing is low, and the value is high.

How do you do that?

Well, quite frankly, it helps that I have worked with patients providing these life changing spectacles for over 35 years. I have the experience to know exactly how these lenses work and how they will perform for you.

And now these new disruptive spectacles are in the US as of today!   They are poised to reach the mass market in 2021 and change optical in America forever.

Now is the time to get them.  This is why I created this exclusive offering for our Go Specs and Impression Go Spectacles. 

And I’m going to let all of you get them- risk free.

You won’t hear about these technologies or be able to get these glasses anywhere else other than right here at Better Spectacles and a few exclusive luxury stores in the US…and remember, you get them without leaving the comfort of your own home.  

And to be blunt – many of the glasses out there today in America are flawed. The inconsistency and lack of knowledge is scary considering eyeglasses are the most widely used medical device in the world!  

Over the last 30+ years I have shared these special high-tech glasses with thousands in Canada.  They are the real deal. It’s time Americans have them!

The feedback has been phenomenal from all sides:

Diana G. said:

“I love the style”

And Holly C. says…

“I have been a loyal customer…they are worth their weight in gold.”

Today, I want to give you a chance to get these special Go Specs and Impression Go Spectacles too.

When you agree to and accept your treatment today, I’ll give you the Solitaire Protect Plus Coating, the German engineered high fashion frames, free thinner lenses through our proprietary cutting, the cleaning solution from France that wipes away Covid and all germs on contact, and polishing cloth absolutely free with your Go Specs or Impression Go Spectacles. This is a value of over $1250!

So how do you schedule an appointment as soon as possible? 

I’ll tell you in a moment…

But first, I want to be clear.

It’s not just computer users and readers who will want this technology in their glasses.  

There are a couple of other situations that can really improve your quality of life by wearing these glasses.  Ask yourself, what do I do 80% of my day?  Do you read a lot?  Are you on the computer all day? Are you outside doing activities?  Do you drive several miles per day? Do you play a sport? Are you on your phone a lot? Do you read to yourself or to your grandkids?  Think about your day and see if any of these other AI spectacles are for you.  We will be giving you a fantastic discount on the 2nd or more pair of glasses…

  1. Everyday Primary Glasses.  You’re go-to pair of glasses for everyday use. Additionally these Everyday Glasses are wonderful if you’ve had cataract surgery. Same if you’ve had Lasik.  Is it hard or impossible for you to wear contact lenses?  Do you have an astigmatism? Do you have a difficult prescription?  Having difficulty going up and down stairs?  Problems with wearing progressives? Do you want the comfort of knowing you have the most highly technological glasses in the world tailor made just for you?  Then our Everyday Impression Luxury Specs are your answer.

    Using AI, over 100K people were tested and Rodenstock has an algorithm and now we all get the benefit of these findings in our lenses.  Remember with our Patented advantage of Eye Model, there are different lenses for distance than the near distance. Other lenses just add the add prescription, but the prescription is the same on top and bottom.  Generic vs Tailored. 

    Rodenstock has mastered this.  Every power has an optimum base curve.  They have also mastered the atoric for less distortion in grinding process vs aspheric.  The normal way of grinding for everyone else.

    “It’s like wearing nothing”.   It’s like your eyes say “awwwww”.

  2. Driving.  Night Driving in particular.   Honestly, it wasn’t until too long ago that I knew Rodenstock had a special coating that helped with the glare of headlights from night driving.  Our Road Specs give you the confidence and the ability to drive anywhere you need to go with crystal clear vision…including at night.  You’ll have better depth perception. My mom puts my Road Specs on before she drives home in the evening and you don’t even know there is another vehicle on the road with you.  They are the Ferrari of driving glasses, measuring up to 100 different measuring points on one lens.

  3. Transitions, or as Rodenstock calls them, Colormatic lenses, and polarized sunglasses.  She puts on her Polarized prescription sunglasses from Rodenstock and the glare goes away immediately.  It’s the same custom AI technology but with tinted lenses.  If you live in a sunshine state or just like the view out of polarized sunglasses, or love the convenience of transitions (that are completely clear inside, by the way, then our Color Specs and Polar Specs are for you.  You’ll never find anything better. 

I have put together a special price for you if you purchase a second pair of glasses so be thinking of which kinds of glasses you can best use for your lifestyle.  Most of my clients have multiple pairs of glasses. 

The average American wouldn’t be able to tell that you have these special high-tech eyewear on. 

Most people think this technology is years away…or worse, that the technology is all the same.  They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m telling you a new day is coming in eyewear in America.  

Not 10 years from now. Right now.

And it’s all thanks to Rodenstock and Better Spectacles.

Savvy spectacle wearers understand this. And they’re already going to other countries trying to get this technology. They have been doing it for years.

 I’m going to give everyone watching at home — FREE coating, FREE thinner lenses, FREE German-engineered Rodenstock high fashion frames and FREE cleaner from France that is proved to wipe out Covid and all germs on contact!

Just for taking trusting me and allowing me to help you improve your life through these amazing spectacles. 

I want to thank everyone for having me into your home and for your time today.

It’s so excited to see so many people interested in technology and its effect it has on our brain, our vision and our lives.

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope we’ll be talking soon.

We will explain exactly how you can claim your free bonuses.


Ok folks, so I just want to sum up Andrews’s offer.

When you purchase a pair of Go Spectacles, you’ll get … Most Advanced AI eyeglass lenses in the world

  1. … FREE best in class coating, 
  2. … FREE Thinner lenses through our Patented Center Thickness Optimization 
  3. … FREE German-engineered high fashion frames valued at between $500 to $2000 or more
  4. … FREE French made lenses cleaner that wipes out Covid and other germs on contact.  Great cleaner to protect your investment
  5. … Expert Consultation from eyewear professionals who have been trained by Rodenstock.  Remember, the difference just isn’t in the technology, it’s in the expertise you will be receiving during your appointment. 

And lastly, remember, this is NOT an online sale.  You will have personalized consultation every step of the way.  You can talk with our team when you need.  We have a Disney trained customer service team and world recognized eyewear professionals on staff. So, if you have any problems with your glasses, just give them a call or email.

They can help you get logged in, upload the items we need to help you with your new spectacles.

Just one pair of these amazing glasses will change your life.

These state-of-the-art spectacles are worth a lot of money.  People pay thousands for them in Canada, Israel and Europe. The average price is $1500 to $2000 just for the lenses alone. Combined with the frames, coatings, center thickness optimization for the lightest and thinnest lenses, cleaning solution that wipes away COVID, and the total value of your spectacles are at least $2000 to $3000. 

But Andrew’s going to give it to you for far cheaper because he wants everyone to experience and fall in love with these spectacles. He truly believes they will change your life. 

Andrew is going to give them to you for just $599.99* (first time customers only) for your near and intermediate distance Go Spectacles with the Excellence category lenses today.  That is over 75% off of retail prices that others around the world are paying today for these lenses.  Opticians were selling this eyewear for more than this back in the 1980’s!  

That comes out to just under $17 per month over a three-year period that you can expect to have your spectacles.

That’s less than one cup of coffee per week.

And if your prescription wasn’t quite right and you need to reorder to help you see better– we have a simple and easy remake policy for you. 

But after what you’ve heard tonight, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be satisfied.

Just a small investment in yourself can make a dramatic difference.

Could dramatically change your life.

If you’re having problems seeing, why not give our Better Spectacles a try?

Thank you all at home for watching.

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