Better Spectacles

Featuring Authentic Rodenstock Spectacles Exclusively for the first time in the United States

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High Precision Lenses

Perfectly Tailored Spectacle Frames

Over 140 Years of German Engineering Brilliance

Technical, Functional Innovation

Guaranteed Top Quality

Strict quality checks: All our products are developed in Germany and tested beyond the statutory requirements.

Classical & traditional values​

Ultimate Compatibility & Wearing Comfort

We only use premium materials for our spectacle frames. High individual adaptability at seven points guarantees superb wearing comfort.

Perfect glasses adjustment technique​

Customizable for Every Customer

During the eye measurement with the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner more than 7,000 measuring points are determined, and then included in the production of the lens.

Exceptional Level of Service

Look into the future with no worries: Our guarantee options are diverse.

Exclusive brand of spectacles

Masterpiece of Precision

Eyewear should make the glasses wearer feel perfectly dressed, without having to forego wearing comfort, stability and durability.

A New Standard for Eyewear and Eyewear Consulting.

Featuring Authentic Rodenstock Spectacles Exclusively for the first time in the United States

Rodenstock is the expert for high-quality progressive lenses. More than 140 years of experience enable us to develop masterpieces of precision – in function, material and design. Highest standards of quality as well as great attention to detail are also reflected in our premium eyewear. Because spectacles are our passion.


Better Spectacles is the  expert at dispensing lenses and frames as we set the standard for consultations and experience having worked with Rodenstock lenses for over 30 years and being one of only a handful of exclusive optical boutiques offering Rodenstock spectacles in the U.S.

Experts at dispensing lenses and frames
New Standard for Eyewear and Eyewear Consulting

Complete range of spectacles from a single source – in premium quality

Rodenstock lenses

Customised masterpieces with precise cut for a brand new visual experience.

Rodenstock spectacle frames

A perfect symbiosis of timeless design and highest technical standard.

Excellence in craftsmanship

It is not a new way, it is a better way. We help you perfect and do the basics with excellence to provide the optimal visual experience for your patients.

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